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Understanding reactions to a smartphone ad before launch

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Background and Objectives

A leading smartphone manufacturer developed a new television advertisement for a product and wanted to assess its effectiveness before launching it in the market. The objective was to pre-test the ad to ensure that it resonated with the target audience and effectively communicated the product benefits.

Research Methodology

The survey was conducted online using Enumerate AI's proprietary methodology and included questions about the advertisement's messaging, creative execution, and overall effectiveness.


The survey found that the advertisement was well-received by the target audience. A majority of respondents found the ad to be memorable and found it to be emotionally appealing. Additionally, over 3/4th of the respondents claimed to have picked up new information.

However, the survey also identified several areas for improvement. Some respondents felt that the advertisement was too long and could be shortened. Others felt that the product benefits could be more clearly communicated, and some felt that the ad did not resonate with their personal values or beliefs.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Based on the findings, we recommended several changes to the advertisement before launching it in the market. These included shortening the ad and focusing on the key product benefits in the messaging. The creative execution was also revised to make it more distinctive and memorable.

We also recommended conducting follow-up research after the ad had been launched to assess its impact on brand awareness and purchase intent.

Highlights / Excerpt from the research


What was your favorite element or aspect of the ad?


Many respondents found the ad to be humorous and memorable, with the central character's near-obsession with things that fold being a favorite element. Other respondents enjoyed the phone itself, its ability to flip open and close, its compactness, and its versatility. Many respondents also found the ad to be creative in the ways it showed different folding actions in everyday life, and how it kept reminding the main character of the phone that also folded. Other favorite aspects of the ad included its comedy, its story, its uniqueness, and its in-depth depiction of the main character's journey to wanting the phone.

Overall Themes (Associated sentiments)

Humor 43%
Reaction 43%
Length of the ad 43%
Folding 39%
Creativity 27%

“Given in terms of prioritisation order”


My favorite element or aspect of the ad was all the different places we see folding actions in our everyday life from various chairs to books to people doing yoga and how that kept reminding the main character of the phone that also folded.


I liked that they were showing everyday things in life that kind of fold so it's kind of trying to bring it and relate it all back. I thought that was kind of funny and clever to show you know everything in your life can fold even people.

Positive Sentiment
Negative Sentiment
Neutral Sentiment
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