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Understand Qualitative Interviews and Survey Open-Ends using AI
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customer insights
customer insights
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Quant Studio
Your Survey's open-ended questions can now be answered in video

Replace boring text open-ends with authentic and rich video response open-ends.

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Use AI tech to extract meaningful insights from videos, saving time and effort.

Quant Video Response

Build and distribute rich quantitative questionnaires that support video and audio responses in open ends.

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Qual Studio
Conduct live interviews like never before

Live interaction platform built for market research.

Qualitative analysis on Conference

Observer rooms for observing interactions

Qualitative analysis on Conversations

Safe and easy sharing of stimulus

Qualitative analysis on Call

Discussion guide support

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AI Powered Consumer Insights

Tapping the power of AI to provide insights like never before

Listen to audio and video files and transcribe them to text.
Emotion Analytics
Sentiment Analysis
Understand the why behind how panelists feel
Thematic analysis
Thematic analysis
Identify, analyze and interpret patterns of meaning within qualitative data
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Recruit. Interview. Find Insights. Decide.
Simple and Fast Qualitative Insights on a single platform.
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Recruit using our in-house recruitment solutions and our global network of panels and agencies.
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Conduct live interactions with a moderator or simply distribute surveys where your respondents can answer in video on our tech platform.
AI-powered Dashboard for a faster turnaround. Transcription, Translation, Thematic analysis, Facial Coding and more.
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Use Cases
Simple and Fast Qualitative Insights on a single platform.
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case 1
Product testing
Test new products or ideas and gain insights on what features to develop/remove
case 2
Customer satisfaction
Gauge reactions on services or products and gain insights on how to command loyalty
case 3
Content Evaluation
Measure effectiveness of characters, storyline, music etc. and gain insights on how to make your shows/movies popular
case 4
Service quality
Measure aspects of service like ambience, time management, service etc. and gain insights on primary and secondary focus areas
case 5
Customer Composition
Gather information on demographics and psychographics and gain insights on your ideal customer
case 6
Custom research
Create your own research. You can also save them for later use
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