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Customer experience with various contact lens brands

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Background and Objectives

Contact lenses are a popular alternative to glasses for vision correction. They offer a more natural appearance and greater convenience for many people. With so many brands and types of contact lenses available in the market, it is important to understand consumer experiences, preferences, and needs. A leading contact lens brand wanted to compare and analyze popular contact lens brands and gather insights on consumer experiences and preferences.

Research Methodology

Using Enumerate AI's proprietary mechanism, we conducted a survey to analyse four leading contact lens brands - Acuvue, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision, and Alcon. Our evaluation was based on parameters such as comfort, durability, and effectiveness in correcting vision. Additionally, we gathered insights on their experiences and preferences with contact lenses.


Our analysis revealed that Acuvue was the most effective contact lens brand overall. It performed exceptionally well in terms of comfort, durability, and effectiveness in correcting vision. Bausch + Lomb was a close second, with similar performance in comfort and effectiveness in correcting vision, but slightly less durable. CooperVision and Alcon performed adequately in all three categories but were less effective than the top two brands.

When asked about their experiences with contact lenses, 70% of respondents said they had a positive experience, 20% had a neutral experience, and 10% had a negative experience. Those who had a positive experience cited improved vision (45%), convenience (30%), and comfort (25%) as the top reasons. Those who had a negative experience cited discomfort (50%), difficulty in insertion and removal (30%), and dry eyes (20%) as the top reasons.

When asked about how they currently purchase their contact lenses, 50% of respondents said they purchased from an optometrist, 30% purchased online, and 20% purchased from a retail store. Of those who purchased online, 60% cited convenience as the top reason, while those who purchased from an optometrist cited expertise (50%) and trust (30%) as the top reasons.

When asked what they wished contact lens makers would improve, respondents mentioned increased breathability (40%), longer-lasting hydration (30%), and more comfortable wearing experience (20%) as the top areas for improvement.

Highlights / Excerpt from the research


What is one thing that you wish contact lens makers would improve?


The survey asked respondents to share one thing they wish contact lens makers would improve. Responses varied, with some wishing for lower prices, better quality, longer wear, and improved sight. Others suggested loyalty programs, better instructional materials, and improved lubrication for the eyes. Some respondents wished for night vision contacts, while others wanted lenses that could be worn underwater or in different colors. Overall, there was no clear consensus on what contact lens makers should improve, with some respondents indicating they were already satisfied with the current offerings.

Overall Themes (Associated sentiments)

Quality 17%
Durability 17%
Price 10%
Sleep 7%
Safety 7%
Allergy 3%
Deals and Promotions 3%

“Given in terms of prioritisation order”


Not be so pricey.


I would say the different colors, they can improve different colors to make them better and the material as well.


I wish that dailies had a longer expectancy using the same material. I had to switch from two-week contacts to dailies because I was allergic to something that was in the two-week ones. It would just be nice if they had a Even just like a two-day Lifespan on them without having to be put into solution overnight and you could sleep in them without any ill effects.

Positive Sentiment
Negative Sentiment
Neutral Sentiment
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